Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voter Intimidation?

No Osama bin Laden 2008 election tape? Nope. But the reason isn't due to a lack of trying.

Looks like some shenanigans are squelching one clown's attempt to influence our election. But this success story--not likely to garner much print in U.S. headlines--is one more indication of how we're starting to get the upper hand against the highest levels of AQ leadership.

Since the morning of September 11, 2008, US and allied intelligence agencies have largely shut down what had been al Qaeda's routine access to certain internet sites that distributed its leaders' video messages.

"We've been able to squelch their message," said former CIA intelligence officer John Kiriakou, now an ABC News consultant. "We push al Qaeda's web operation from country to country, to a point where they're just not able to find a country that's going to be willing to host their websites anymore."

...Al Qaeda propaganda distributors were apparently caught off guard when their normal distribution sites in Germany and Malaysia were shut down in the first week of September and have not come back online since.

The cyber war attack on al Qaeda's internet access came in coordination this autumn with stepped up missile strikes at suspected terror operations posts in the tribal areas of Pakistan. "We know bin Laden is extremely concerned about his security, and the attacks have no doubt kept him quite pre-occupied," said a senior US official."

Countries not willing to let 'Air Osama' nest within their borders? Turning the tables on and catching AQ "off guard" with cyber tactics and surprises that they'd normally employ against us? And keeping Osama bin Laden "pre-occupied" and worried about a Hellfire II landing on his cranium?


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