Monday, November 10, 2008

C-130 Loses Power On Takeoff

At Little Rock Air Force Base, an Arkansas Air National Guard C-130 aircrew experienced loss of power on all four engines shortly after takeoff. Only the crew's quick reaction at 1000' AGL kept them from becoming a smoking hole in the ground within 30 seconds.

Two things really worked to this crew's advantage....experience and altitude. I've had the opportunity to fly and learn from this Arkansas Air National Guard unit and they are some of the most experienced and best crew members in the business. They probably had less than 10 seconds to analyze the situation and take appropriate actions before their situation was not going to be reversible.

Airspeed, altitude, or brains. You gotta have at least two of them! This crew did a remarkable job in a very short period of time. Well done!

Here's the entire AP article.
PROPS: Photo by Lt Col Dom Sarnataro, U.S. Air Force

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