Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Al-Qaeda's beheading 'emir' captured in Iraq

More good news in our fight against al-Qaeda that could go under-reported:

The Iraqi army arrested on Wednesday in volatile Diyala Province a militant who is allegedly responsible for many of the brutal beheadings carried out by Al-Qaeda, Arabic satellite TV channel Al-Arabiya reported on Wednesday. Ahmad Hasan al-Azzawi, known as 'the beheading emir' was arrested in a raid outside the provincial capital, Baquba, Al-Arabiya said.

This was just the latest of a few very significant punches we've landed on al-Qaeda recently:

Al-Qaeda's #4 Reaches Room Temperature

Senior al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Airstrike

And we're still waiting for Osama bin Laden's absentee ballot to arrive:

Voter Intimidation?

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