Sunday, November 23, 2008

'24' Returns: Jack Bauer Back for 'Redemption'

One of my favorite TV shows returns tonight for its 7th season.

The first two hours of '24' is an action-packed, thriller that will have loyal Jack Bauer fans and even new Fox viewers thinking this drama is better than most movies found in theaters for $9.

This fast paced episode called 'Redemption' finds Jack in the fictional African country of Sangala, living on the QT, hoping for some rest, minus the annoying Chloe. Helping school children and making new friends without Glocks and ear piece comms, Jack thinks things are just dandy. However, throw in a crazy rebel leader attempting to start your standard 3rd World civil war, and Bauer's vacation is cut short.
At the same time, in the Washington D.C. Beltway, a power struggle ensues between a new, female President and that sly, bastard, Powers Booth (Ok, his character's name is Noah Daniels...but truth be told, the guy's REAL name is 'Powers', so anything else is inadequate and plain wrong).
Series starts in January with standard issue cliffhangers and testosterone.


[ vaughn ] said...

I havent really watched any of the series for this show. I heard that it was pretty good, by I really prefer to follow shows through their series.

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Lt Col Patrick said...

Vaughn, I was late arriving on the Bauer bandwagon, missing the first 2 seasons.

Great series.