Friday, November 21, 2008

Miss Georgia....Air Force ROTC Cadet

Once again the Air Force will have one of its finest at the Miss America contest.

Kimberly Gittings, a sophomore ROTC cadet at the University of Georgia, was crowned Miss Georgia USA on Nov. 8; a little more than 24 hours later, she was cranking out sit-ups at O-dark-30 for her PFA.

Gittings admits that balancing her school work, pageant competitions and ROTC commitments is “a struggle.” But the pageant circuit has more in common with military service than you might think, she said.

There’s a lot more tedious paperwork involved than most people realize, for one thing. Just like the military, attention to detail is paramount. And in both cases, she said, “you’re representing an organization,” and are expected to behave accordingly.

Gittings will have to push back her field training a year, said her ROTC commander, Lt. Col. David Baylor. But unless she wins the Miss USA pageant this spring in Las Vegas — a title she would “give the entire left half of my body” to achieve — she plans to stick with the Air Force.

Good for her and the Air Force.

Memba her?

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