Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh $%&*! at O'Hare


Skywest CRJ crushes truck at O'Hare
I received this information via an email... It’s alleged that the two SkyWest aircraft mechanics were taxiing at excessive speeds with no taxi lights or wing illumination lights on while in motion. The truck was also reportedly traveling at a high speed while on the taxi way. The driver of the truck is reported to be hospitalized in critical condition. This apparently happened at O'Hare on October 18, 2008. If anyone has anymore info, can verify or debunk, please post!

A very busy airport. At night. Throw in some airplanes and vehicles at varying speeds. You know that feeling you get when you drive through a Walmart parking lot and cut across several aisles? Know how those hairs on the back on your neck stand up? Yep, same feeling as night-time taxi ops, particularly at an unfamiliar airfield.

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