Friday, November 14, 2008

This is Iraq...

To many, Iraq is just a place on a map.

But...this is Iraq. Iraq.

And...this is Iraq.

From Director JD Johannes, comes "Outside the Wire" a documentary trilogy about Iraq like no other.

One man. One camera. Three stories of Iraq.

Go beyond the headlines.

We all know that given time, Iraq can be stable. Question now is will we be allowed to have that time?

Forget what the politicians and pundits say.

See the war from the ground.

Go "Outside the Wire":

I thought two of the most poignant quotes in the video were from the Iraqis; "Thank you, thank you". The second one is harder to hear with the background noise but the Iraqi man says "This is not Jihad as they believe, this is terror".

The money quote from the U.S. Army soldier: "Everybody has their thing. And this is definitely mine. Being a soldier. Being over here. This is my thing...this is my calling".

It's all about being "Outside the Wire". Go check it out.

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