Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Unit: Into Hell, Part 2

Here's a preview of Sunday's upcoming episode of "The Unit" on CBS titled "Into Hell, Part 2".

During last Sunday's sweeps episode, "Into Hell, Part One" we saw Jonas' daughter Betsy kidnapped in Iraq and the beginning of brutal consequences for Colonel Tom Ryan's adultery with Tiffy.

Spoiler TV has more information on the future of "The Unit":

Is the football scheduling issue going to cost us The Unit? I know that the split hour of some Cold Case/some The Unit often leads to low ratings. — Andrea

Matt: Not only is The Unit holding steady... and not only is the show working off a full 22-episode order this season... but some of its stars are stepping behind the cameras soon. Scott Foley will direct his first episode late this month, while Dennis "You're in Good hands with Allstate" Haysbert himself will helm Episode 17.

Secret missions. Secret lives. Some not-so-secret TV news.

The Unit - Sundays on CBS, 10:00 p.m. ET/PT

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joy said...

Excellent - TOTALLY entertaining - a TERRIFIC accidental find..To our family's great delight, The unit was a REALLY EXCITING find!!! It's VERY entertaining! The second season got even better - more intense and more involved stories (more realistic, perhaps). The actors (men and women)are VERY good and quite believable and the writing is excellent.