Sunday, November 23, 2008

Airstrike Kills British Liason to al Qaeda

A British militant dirt bag is no longer plotting to blow up American trans-Atlantic airliners.

The militant, Rashid Rauf, was among the five people killed in the attack by a remotely piloted aircraft in North Waziristan, close to the Afghan border, the officials said. He is perhaps the best-known of the figures killed in an American airstrike campaign there that has intensified since August and has caused increased strains between the United States and Pakistan.

Intensified? That's a major understatement.

The missile strike in North Waziristan on Saturday was the third by the Americans in almost three days. Since August, there have been more than two dozen strikes by remotely piloted aircraft, including one last week that hit a settled area in the North-West Frontier Province outside the tribal region.

A few of our most recent strikes by the "remotely piloted aircraft":

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Senior al Qaeda leader killed in airstrike

And "increased strains" between us and Pakistan? Yeah sure. Don't bet on it. Privately, I bet Pakistani leadership are bumping knuckles and high fiving each other. Perfect.

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