Monday, December 15, 2008

POTUS Uses Matrix Moves to Avoid Shoes

Well, we knew it was only a matter of time before legendary boxing promoter Don King weighed in on POTUS' Matrix-like moves:

The boxing guru was so impressed with Bush's shoe evasion tactics over the weekend, that he gave a statement to TMZ saying, "Bush has unbelievable reflexes ... he can stick and move like a boxer!"

The Matrix Reloaded:

The Seattle Mariners could use that reporter's arm in their bullpen.


RangersGirl said...

My big question when I saw this was "Where is Secret Service?" You'd think there would be a guy sitting up in front somewhere that could have, should have jumped up as soon as that guy did. They all come rushing out of the back door and from the sides after the SECOND shoe got thrown. What if the guy had had a gun?

Lt Col Patrick said...

I've spent quite a bit of time with the members of USSS and can tell you that there's not a more professional group than them.

Where was the USSS? In more places than meet the eye, I can guarantee you that. We refer to what's called the "bubble" that surrounds POTUS for his protection. Very few people get inside the "bubble" and when they do, they've been "magged" (handheld security magnetometer or metal detector) and re-magged before getting inside the "bubble". Everyone in that room (due to its size) had to have gone through this process.

Therefore, all the reporters had been cleared for weapons (guns, knives, explosives). When this happens, the USSS allows people to have access to POTUS without them (USSS) being between those persons and POTUS. This happens all the time. I can remember one time when a family receiving an award wanted POTUS to sign a baseball bat and the USSS denied them that request because the bat could be used against POTUS. The point being, the "bubble" becomes a sterile environment allowing individuals to gain access to POTUS.

The USSS did their job IMO. The room and "bubble" was sterile from weapons that could have threaten POTUS. The shoes weren't the problem or a threat and the reason the USSS came into play was to keep that person from charging POTUS and potentially hurting him with punches, etc.